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 Lessons from Luke on Believing - 7/25/11

This morning (Monday July 25th) our small group of men, which meets early every Monday morning for bible study and fellowship, completed a 6-month line by line expositional study of the gospel of Luke. What a powerful study in which the LORD spoke so abundantly to and between us all. Again, it was a tremendous study and I thank God and my brothers from the "Iron sharpening iron" group for their faithfulness.

As we ended the study in chapter 24 today, the Spirit spoke to us again about how important it is for us to believe the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is not just enough to walk with Him, but we must believe.  (Lord help our unbelief)  He showed us that even though His disciples had walked closely with him for 3 years, they still didn’t believe. Sure, they were faithfully dedicated to Him, but they still did not truly believe that He would die and rise again on the third day.  The women who came to anoint His body in the tomb loved and were devoted to Him, but even they (who had been following Him and hearing what He said would happen) did not believe.

Jesus’ patience: In each case (the women and later the disciples on the road to Emmaus and in the upper room), the LORD demonstrated great patience in helping them to believe so that they could see. In each case He reminded them of God’s word that had already been given to them (either through the things that He had spoken to them or through the written words from the Old Testament).

Even when they were walking with Him before the crucifixion, Jesus knew they still did not believe Him. Yet He was so very patient with them and went to great lengths to help them believe.  Even when Thomas in John 20 was not present in the upper room when He appeared before His other disciples, the LORD came back just to help Thomas believe.

This is so very important today for each of us just as it was for Jesus’ disciples back then.  Loving and being devoted to the Lord Jesus is great, but at the end of the day we must all believe ON Him. We must believe what He says (even when it doesn’t make sense or seems impossible from our perspective).

I take great comfort in the fact that the LORD is so patient with us all (for He has been very patient and long-suffering with me).  It is His desire to illuminate and open our eyes just as He did for the women in the tomb (Luke 24:8-9) and for the disciples after they arrived at the village in Emmaus (Luke 24:30-32).

It is interesting to note that when Jesus opened the eyes of the two disciples from the road to Emmaus, it was when He took the bread, blessed it, and brake it and gave it to them (Luke 24: 30).  When Jesus did this, it had only been a few days since the last supper in the upper room when He had done those same things and said “Take, eat: this is my body which is broken for you: do this in remembrance of me.” (1 Corinthians 11:24).

Remember what He has said and done and believe on Him.

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