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 Doubt - 9/29/10

God is Speaking to us in SO MANY WAYS

September 29, 2010

The Word of the LORD came upon me this morning saying "Why do you doubt?" He has given us great power and authority with spiritual weapons that are mighty thru God. He even came here and personally demonstrated for us how to use them. Doubt is the simple tool that the enemy uses to disarm us. He tells us in Mark 11:23 that we can literally move mountains if we BELIEVE AND DO NOT DOUBT IN OUR HEARTS.

The LORD showed me that Peter walking on the water (in Matthew 14:22-33) is a perfect example of this point. As Peter looked at and spoke to Jesus and believed when He bade him to come, he used his spiritual armor to do the will of God (get out of the boat) and to exercise his authority over creation, doing the supernatural. AND HE DID IT... Until the enemy got him to take his eyes off Jesus and focus on the waves (laying aside his armor) and then to sink.

As Jesus went from seeing His disciple do exactly what He had been modeling for him (exercising the power and authority that He had given Peter) to sinking in defeat as a victim of the enemy, Jesus asked Peter "why did you doubt?" It was Peter's doubt that made him relinquish his armor, power, and authority that Jesus had given him.

Take heart and be encouraged my fellow brother, sisters, and soldiers in Christ, remember that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead also lives right inside of us and is testifying today as Jesus did before He ascended that we are going to do even greater things than He did (when He was here as an example for us). DO NOT DOUBT but BELIEVE.

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