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 Halloween - 10/31/10

The truth about Halloween

October 31, 2010

Early this morning I saw how this day (Halloween) is a shadow that points both back to the past and into the future. It is clearly a day when, just for fun, we imitate & celebrate things of the evil realm. Research the origins of this day and you will find that it is explicitly and startlingly satanic. We do this innocently every year because itís been a long tradition and itís just for fun.

HISTORICAL SHADOW: In the Old Testament Israel often struggled with purging the worship of evil gods from their lives. Even when they sometimes aggressively eliminated most idols, they would let things like their high places and groves linger where they would continue to pay homage to Baal and Ashtoreth. They did this because the practices had been around for some time and they were comfortable with them. It wasnít until certain kings (like Hezekiah and Josiah) came along with a zeal for obeying God that these areas would be eradicated.

FUTURE SHADOW: It has always been the desire of Satan to imitate God and be worshiped. When he sets up his evil trinity (the dragon, the antichrist, and the false prophet), he will start out professing innocent peace but will later demand to be worshipped. In the beginning it will be subtle and innocent and be what everyone else is doing (except for a few).

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