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 The plain thing is the main thing - 8/10/11

This morning as I started my day, the LORD spoke to me re-emphasizing something that He has been saying virtually all of this year… He is trying to get our attention on so very many levels.  He is trying to get the attention of an unbelieving world and even the attention of His saints to say pay attention.

 Many have called the events that have occurred in our atmosphere “unprecedented”… floods, tornados, storms, fires, and now this unrelenting heat and draught.  And even this week’s economic storm that is raging in the world’s financial markets has many running to grab the nearest life preserver. 

 This morning the LORD showed me that He is definitely trying to get our attention just like He tried to get the attention of Israel as He brought calamity upon them as they were about to be carried off into captivity.  He showed me that today also just as it was when He brought judgment on Israel, these things are an expression of His mercy and compassion.  Jeremiah stated it well in a timeless message in Lamentations 3:22 when he said “It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.”  For all that Israel had done to be rebellious and unfaithful to God (the same as you and I today), they should have been consumed.  But the calamity that He brought (is bringing today) is an outpouring of His mercy and compassion for his people.  He is truly on a rescue mission.  For Him (as it should be for us), nothing is more important today.

 In these times of natural calamity and hardship my brothers and sisters, recognize that the LORD’s hand is at work through all of these things that are happening around us and lift up your eyes to the hills recognizing where your help truly comes from.

 Then this afternoon, He reminded me of something from my own testimony -- the excitement and eagerness that I had four years ago just after my first brain surgery and awakening.  It was a time when I just couldn’t wait to go and tell someone (anyone) about what the LORD had done and was doing.  A time when whenever I went out anywhere, I couldn’t help but tell people (anyone who would listen) about God and how much He loves and wants to save them.  There was a time when I thought that was going to be the norm of my life, taking advantage of every opportunity to tell people about this very important message.  Since those days, my approach has somewhat mellowed but this afternoon the LORD prompted me to remember those days because these are important days for all of us.

 When we all look around at what is going on around us, as children of God we should recognize His mighty hand at work.  It should be plain to us.  And this plain thing should be the main thing about which we are living every day.

 These words were a burden from the LORD.  More to follow.

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