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 Post Surgery Healing

The recovery period after my surgery showed yet more examples of Godís awesome power to heal and faithfulness.  Here are a few of the significant examples that illustrate how God continued to carry and touch me in tangible ways immediately after the surgery.

In addition to the aspects of my recovery that I pointed out in the Chapter 13 Epilogue, the following are noteworthy signs of Godís power to heal:

  1. Brain damage? After the surgery, my doctors and occupational therapists told me patients who underwent this type of brain surgery typically had to undergo speech and language therapy to recover some damaged brain function.  They were concerned that I might find it difficult to be able to function right away in my job as an IT auditor because it was highly technical.  I had moderate trouble passing a simple comprehension test that a therapist gave me before I was discharged from the hospital.  I went to the appointment for speech therapy two weeks after I was discharged and took all of their hardest tests for mental acuity and they could find nothing wrong with me.
  2. Jesus was my strength - On Saturday May 12, 2007 (eight days after having brain surgery, still recovering with metal staples still in my skull) my wife and I wanted to take our three small sons out for some fun to get them out of the house so we went and spent the late afternoon with them at a Chuck E Cheese restaurant in Lewisville, Texas (see the Chuck E Cheese spiritual training experience).
  3. The touch of The Master - From my understanding of post surgery procedures, it appears that there is a risk of pneumonia from post-surgery body fluid settling in the lungs.  When I was in recovery from the tumor removal, a therapist brought me a breathing apparatus that would test my lung capacity.  I was instructed to use it every 4 hours during the day and at night to monitor my lungs.  I was even to continue doing this after I was sent home from the hospital.  There was one time on my last night in the hospital when I developed a little trouble breathing Ė there were some other factors that could have contributed to this (see Chapter 12 Ė Discharge Day).  However, during the first week when I was at home after being discharged, I remember developing some pretty stressful breathing difficulties and had a very limited ability to inhale air.  As I lay there on my bed that afternoon, I rolled over onto my stomach and I remember a distinct feeling in the middle of my back.  It felt like vigorous boiling and a great release of a weight.  After a few moments, I was again able to breathe perfectly.  After it was done and as I lay there, my mind became filled with the thought that I had just felt the finger of God taking away that which was threatening me.  To this day, I donít have any doubt that this was the first of two times when I physically felt His strong and unambiguous touch (see also this link where He got my attention during spiritual training).
  4. Getting back to work Ė Initially after surgery, my doctors followed standard recovery guidelines and gave me almost three months of disability until the end of July 2007 for recovery at home and rehabilitation (speech therapy).  Initially it looked as though I would be out of work on disability until nearly the end of the summer.  However, in my first follow-up appointment with my surgeon (Dr. Brown) two weeks after my discharge, he said that I was well enough to start working partial days and cleared me to start working half days on June 1st (less than a month after the surgery).  I was able to go back to work fulltime with no restrictions or lingering effects on July 16.  Praise the LORD for His power to heal and restore.



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