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 Special Milestone Update - 11/12/11
Friends, family, and fellow brothers and sisters,

I am writing this to you today to let you know about a very special milestone in my life and to make a public and bold announcement about a special story that God has been showing me that He has been writing in my life for quite some time.  First, let me highlight the major milestone of this day.

Milestone – Today, November 12 marks the two-year anniversary of the day when I was laid off from my last job at Applied Materials as a corporate IT Audit Manager.  It was two years ago today on the morning of Thursday, November 12, 2009 when God spoke to me in my early morning prayer time, telling me that I was going to be laid off that day.  He told me that I should not worry about money and that He owned the cattle on a thousand hills.  He also told me that this was happening not because the company was being unfair to me or because of the bad economy, but that it was His hand at work, closing one door for me and opening another.  He told me to trust Him.  I have not worked a traditional job since that day.

You can read about how He led me through this transition in my testimony here.  During that time, He told me that my new job was to work for Him and that He would provide for us.  Here today on this two year anniversary of that major change in the lives of my family, as I look back and can see His undeniable hand of provision, protection, and instruction for us in so many ways, I have an uncontrollable desire to shout His praise from the highest mountain.  For truly, we have not only never been without our needs, the LORD has taught us a lot about the blessedness of being able to give and be a blessing to others even from our perceived position of poverty.  In very real ways, He has blessed our cruse of oil and meal so that they have not failed but indeed been more than enough.

Now on to the bold announcement – With everything that is in me, I feel certain that God has called and positioned me to be a prophet… to be set apart for Him and for ministry.  For quite a long time now, I have been aware of this very special thing that God has been doing in and through me since He got my attention four years ago with that brain tumor.  As I look back it is so very clear and undeniable to me.  As He has been showing me, the things that He has done in and through me are signs that show His hand at work and are things that I could not make up.  Even this past two years with the way He has sustained us, it too is a sign that I could not have made up or fabricated.

Indeed, He has shown me that all of the things that He had me write down in my testimony over the past four years are in and of themselves signs of His hands at work.  This past summer He pointed out how the last thing that He had said before ascending to heaven in Mark 16:17-18 was “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”  These are all signs that He pointed out are seen in the testimony that He has worked out though my life.

The lessons I have learned a re too numerous to describe here, but I have come to understand that through virtually everything that I experience I can hear God’s voice speaking to me.  Time and time again, He either speaks to me through my experiences or through my bible study and prayer time about things that I need to know for me or for someone that He is about to bring across my path.  I don’t take anything for granted and recognize that He is operating and at work all around us all the time.  This has recently given me a whole new appreciation for one of my favorite scriptures – Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”  In everything that I do or experience, I acknowledge His divine presence and verily He directs my path.

I will end this by stating that I understand that many people will not be able to comprehend this or will think that I have lost my mind.  Believe me, I know it sounds crazy and if I didn’t see and know that God has been at the center of it, I too would think that I was crazy.  I know that there are many people who believe that prophets, miracles, signs and wonders are all things that God did at one time in the past but not anymore today.  Well, as he has lately been spurring me along to make this bold proclamation, He has also been speaking and reminding me a lot that He is still the same… “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Peace (the LORD’s peace) be unto you today,

Gerald L. Prater


Some of you may be asking what I mean when I refer to this calling as being that of a prophet.  This is a very good question and one that I have in part over the past year been contemplating.  You see, for quite a long time now as I have been experiencing these things that God has been doing, I have been asking myself this very question – “what does it mean to be a prophet?”  I have done a lot of studying and paying on it, looking back at the lives of many of the prophets that God has used as described in the scripture.  The more I look at them (the way they were called, the way they lived, at times struggled with the calling, and they way that God consoled and encouraged them), the more I see similarities in things that I have experienced.

I have looked at the roles of the prophets (both major and minor prophets) and really all they ever did was to speak that which God had spoken to or shown them.  I know that some people are going to think that I am saying that I have some kind of spiritual ability to tell the future or to perform miracles or healings, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The gift that God has given and developed in me over the past 4 years is the ability to clearly hear Him and to be a voice for Him (speak the words that He tells me) and hands and feet for Him (go to places and do things that He tells me) here on earth.  In the end, just as it was with the prophets from the bible, I am doing nothing except repeating what He has told me.

In a real sense of the word, that is what I have been doing with more and more confidence and intensity ever since my brain surgery.  Even back in 2007 when I was first discharged from the hospital, the LORD has shown me that He started right away training me to be able to hear and respond to His promptings and to know that it was from Him.  All of those experiences have been described in detail in my testimony (looking back on it now, I understand why He told me on November 24, 2009 that it was important for me to go back and write it all down).  I think it shows the steps that He took to prepare me.  As I look back at it all in retrospect, I marvel at the story and how His hand is so very apparent through all of it.  As I have said to a few close brothers here in recent weeks, if I were a Pulitzer prize winning author (which I am not), I could not have made that up with such precision on the fly like that.

Going forward, all I can say is that I will continue to do what He has shown me to do up until now until He tells me to do something different.  I will continue to seek Him continually and to speak the words that He gives me to anyone who will listen (I have been doing that for almost 2 years now on Facebook, my website, and anyone who He brings across my path who will listen). 

A large part of my ministry has already been and will continue to be prayer and intercession.  I have learned a lot about prayer and found that my prayers are very effective because of what the Spirit of Truth has taught me about praying.  When I stay connected with the LORD all the time (constantly seeking Him), He speaks to me about what to pray giving me discernment and promptings on how to pray (what His will is).  This is another thing that I saw in the lives of the prophets of the bible when they prayed as well.  They always sought God's will by searching the scriptures or in time alone with Him and then they prayed with great boldness and effectiveness (like when Elijah prayed and it did not rain for 3 years).

Friends, through all of this I don't want anyone to get the idea that I am really any more special than anyone else.  And I am not looking to attract a lot of attention to myself for notoriety or any of that kind of thing.  My sole goal through all of this is to point people to our Lord Jesus Christ so that He can be glorified and do His work in their lives.  And so that many who are asleep in their spiritual walks will wake up and know that this is a very important time that we are living in today.  It is not a time for being distracted or intoxicated by all of the worldly trappings around us in the Babylonian system.

One last point also about prophets – I do not in any way think that I am unique in this calling.  Indeed I think that there are many others that God is raising up today in this same way.  Much like He spoke of through His prophet in Joel 2:28-29.

God bless and keep you always,


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