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 Update - A New Tumor

Update on Gerald's Health - God's Grace Is MORE Than Sufficient

Friday July 30, 2010

Dearest and beloved brothers and sisters,

I prayerfully hope that this note finds each of you having a blessed and glorious day in His service. Indeed I pray that if your day is even half as blessed and glorious as mine is today, then you are each highly blessed and favored men and women. All honor, praise, and glory belong to the LORD most high, JESUS.

I wanted to take a moment today and send you this quick note to let you know that I arrived in Dallas with my family early yesterday morning for a visit with my neurosurgeon for my annual follow-up exam in the wake of my brain surgery three years ago. During the visit, my surgeon (Dr Bruce Mickey) found in the MRI scans of my head what he believes to be a tumor growth that is in my right eye socket behind my eye growing into the eye muscles. He is pretty sure that additional surgery and other treatment will be required and he is going to have a special department conference with his top surgeon team tomorrow (Friday) afternoon to go through my case and discuss all of the scans to begin to develop a treatment strategy. My wife Lynita and 5 year old son (Evan) were with me in the doctor's office when he made this discovery and they are doing well (nevertheless please pray for them and all of my close family and friends for continued strength). She is a very special lady and she truly completes me.

Now, that having been said of the things in the natural, let me tell you guys I have such a joyous spirit of praise that is about to explode to get out of me today. You see, because of what I KNOW and where I STAND, I can see this situation with clear vision for the obvious thing that it is... a privileged opportunity to be used to glorify and magnify the God most high, the Creator of the universe and the One who controls ALL things. Over the last day immediately after the appointment and early this morning when I sought Him, the LORD refreshed my soul and told me these things, putting a song of praise and encouragement in my
heart. I run to and embrace this opportunity with great expectation that just as God's word says in 1 Peter 4:12-13, this is such a huge honor and through it the LORD's glory shall be revealed. So join me, lift your eyes, each of you to the hills from where our help comes.

We are going to be here in Dallas until Sunday and we are staying at Lynita's mother's house.

It is no small thing...
What a Glorious Day to be in the fellowship and service of the LORD Most High.

One last thing... this is the song that He has put on my heart... and moved me to sing with passion last night at our Wednesday night church service. Take a look and may God bless and keep each of you... In His grace.

Aug 1st Update on Gerald's Health - God is Changing The World in The Power of His Name

Jehovah Rophe - One of the names of God meaning "God our Healer"... Some of His other names - Jehovah Jireh (our provider), Jehovah Shalom (our peace), Jehovah Nissi (our banner), Jehovah Tsidkenu (our righteousness)... What's in a name? He is the Great I AM (our ALL SUFFICIENT SAVIOR)... He is all that we will ever really need.

Today my Jehovah Rophe told me emphatically that I am healed and confirmed it to me in the mouths of three other strong men and women of God that He sent to me to bear witness. These things are being done not for my sake (although He does dearly love me) but for your sakes that you will see and draw closer to Him and inquire of Him. SELAH. He has done this thing in and through me as a demonstration of His power and so that His glory shall be revealed... As with all miracles, His desire is not that you would focus on the miracle (or on me), but instead on the source of the power behind the miracle. He wants those who don't know Him to come and inquire of Him and for that those who say they do know Him will come closer and take Him seriously in their lives. He wants you to live, walk, and talk like you know Him.

I am writing all of these things and making this public profession because my LORD has told me and clearly shown me these things. I believe and trust Him with all of my being and faith without action is dead.

Next steps: I have an appointment back up in Dallas with the lead surgeon next Monday August 9 where they will start the process of evaluating me in preparation for surgery to remove the tumor. I do not know how it will happen, but somewhere during that process or beyond they will discover that there is no longer a tumor where they once saw evidence... And the Glory of God shall be revealed in us and though us.

This is God's word as revealed to me through His Holy Spirit and confirmed by several witnesses. At the time on Sunday morning when the healing took place, the LORD sent a messenger to me with a word from Isaiah 55:6-11 where He said among several things, this is my word and it will not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where unto I sent it.

Blessed be the name of the LORD in which there is All Power.

Gerald L. Prater
Bond Servant of Jesus


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2010 Gerald L. Prater

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