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 A Life Sacrificed

I have included this section in my testimony because it describes a very significant event in my life transformation process.  Looking back, it truly marked a major milestone in my walk with Christ because very soon afterward (as you will see in the coming sections), He started to take me into spiritual areas that would later prepare me to be a warrior in the spiritual realm.

In the Fall of 2007, I had started working on a special project involving a major enterprise system implementation at Applied Materials that required me to travel almost every week to Santa Clara,
California.  During all of my trips to Santa Clara, I always stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn Sunnyvale Silicon Valley I in Sunnyvale, California.  In fact I stayed there so much that among the staff and management there, we used to joke that it was my second home.


Indeed it did come to serve as my second home… a place where I came to experience weekly retreats.  I continued my early morning prayers, always rising at 5:00 AM and spending my quiet time kneeling over the red sofa-sleeper that adorned every room (there was no closet).  Later when I would return from work in the evenings, I always turned on the radio to a local station that played bible teachings from the Calvary Satellite Network (CSN Radio).  CSN Radio was playing at 24 hours a day in my room except when I would turn the volume down at 5:00 AM during my prayer.  I even left it playing when I left for work in hopes that it might be heard by the hotel workers during the day when they visited my room.  One thing to note… I don’t think I ever tested a television in those rooms to see if it even worked.

A Special Prayer of Dedication
Early one morning during the week of January 9, 2008 in my 5:00 AM prayer on the red sofa, I had another significant and memorable event.  After starting out my prayers with my praises, adorations, and some requests, the Spirit of the LORD came upon me in a very powerful way.  I gave the most valuable thing that I possess as an earnest and heartfelt offering.

There in the early morning darkness of that room, I stood up from kneeling before that sofa, reached up my open hands, lifted up tear-filled eyes, and with a loud sobbing voice cried out as I stood before my LORD.  I told Him that I wanted to give Him everything… my life, my possessions, my family, my career, my future.  I told Him that I didn’t want to hold ANYTHING back, that I was pushing it all in, my all-in-all as a sacrifice for Him there on His altar.  I told Him that from there on out, I wanted to live everyday, every moment only for Him.

There have been but a few times when I have experienced so strong and powerfully the presence of the Holy Spirit.  This morning was one of them.  From this day forward, God began to accelerate my spiritual walk and development and soon took me into battle.

In many ways, this event marked an even further deepening of my walk with Christ.  My old life became of no consequence to me and the things that used to attract my attention (like television or most types of secular entertainment) offered no appeal to my senses.  My hunger for the things of God and His kingdom began to grow exponentially and in the coming months would lead to me praying to my LORD to take me away and let me dedicate all of my life and passions to His Kingdom (see the section titled Passion for Ministry).

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