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 A Physical Healing

In October 2008 God gave me the opportunity to experience His power as He worked through me to heal a little girl of type II diabetes.  Here is how it unfolded.

When I first went to work for Applied Materials, one of the first people that I met was Charlie Jenkins.  Charlie was the security guard who worked the desk at the front entrance to our building in Austin.  He was also a fellow follower of Christ and became my closest friend at Applied.  We were close even as I went through my health crisis in 2007 with the brain surgery.  On any given day when I was working at my main work location, I always worked my schedule so that I could have lunch with Charlie.  

During those lunches, we always talked about two topics: Our God and our families.  Over the years I had visited Charlie’s home in Bastrop, Texas on several occasions.  Charlie maintained a home for his family, including his wife, two daughters, one son-in-law, and three grandchildren (whom he loved deeply).

In the fall of 2008 Charlie shared with me that school personnel from his 10-year old granddaughter’s school had notified them that she should taken to see a doctor.  She had eating habits and was exhibiting some symptoms that indicated that she was probably experiencing the onset of diabetes.

I told Charlie and I would pray for his granddaughter and I did pray fervently for her over the next few days.  During that time of prayer, God placed it on my heart that I should go to visit Charlie’s house in Bastrop to pray and lay my hands on the child.  When I saw Charlie at work the next day, I relayed to him what God had told me and we arranged for me to come to his house on that coming Saturday.

I went to his house and with Charlie and his wife together with us in his living room, I brought his granddaughter close to me, reassured her that God loved her and that everything was going to be alright, placed my hands on her forehead, and prayed a prayer rebuking the illness that threatened this child.  When I was done and before I left that day, I reassured Charlie and his wife that the child would be fine (for this I felt deeply in my spirit).

At the time of my visit, the child’s parents had already scheduled a doctor’s appointment during the next week to continue examining her.  A few weeks later I would ask Charlie how the doctor’s visits were going and he would tell me that the child was fine and they didn’t find anything wrong with her.  To this day over a year later, whenever I ask him the response is always the same, “she is doing great!”  But God’s touch of healing on this child was still not yet complete.

You see, months later in the summer of 2009, Charlie received an extra blessing when while attending vacation bible school his granddaughter also accepted Christ into her heart as her Lord and Savior.



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