Gerald's Journal - April 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009



I went to see my local primary care physician here in Leander (Doctor Elizabeth Burnell-Mansolo) about possible CSF leak.  In actuality, I saw Dr Mansolo's nurse practitioner, who after examining me, felt pretty certain that it was probably a CSF leak and that I needed some scans done ASAP to verify.  There was a high risk of infection that could lead to spinal meningitis.  She directed me to go immediately to the ER at St David's Medical Center.


Went to St David's of North Austin ER for scans and tests


Upon arrival at the St David's ER, I was pretty quickly taken back to a treatment room and told to put on a hospital gown.  I shared an ER treatment room with fellow patient David Werner, who arrived in an ambulance suffering from shortness of breath because of a heart problem.  He was later told he had to have a pace maker implanted.


While waiting in the ER treatment room, I passed the time by continuing to read the book of Isaiah from my bible as I waited for the doctors and techs.  During this time period, God had led me in my quiet and study time to do an in-depth study of the 66 chapters of Isaiah.


When my treatment was over and before I was to leave, I went over to meet David, asked him if I could pray for him, and offered him encouragement.  I shared my medical situation with him and that I was headed to Dallas to probably have some form of brain surgery, but I was confident that God was in control.  I gave David one of my personal cards, promised to pray for him, and asked him to call me if there was any way at all that I could help him.  I prayed for David that day and in my quiet time for the next several mornings.  Later that weekend, Lynita told me that there was a missed call on the house phone from Saint David's.  I thought it might have been David calling using the number on my card and I called the hospital operator and asked for his room (per chance that he might still be a patient after his pacemaker implant).  He was still a patient, had undergone the implant and I got to speak with him again words of encouragement and that he was in my prayers.


As I drove home from St David's hospital, I called David Sheppard (one of my accountability partners, my pastor and good friend from my church) to let him know what was going on and that I was going to Dallas the next day to see my neurosurgeon.  We prayed on the phone as I drove home (well David prayed).  Before I hung up with David, I received a call from a very close spiritual brother from the east coast (Job Orjioke).  We talk about once every month or so and I told Job that his call was very timely in light of what was currently happening.  I filled him in with the developments.  When I told him that I had been being lead to study Isaiah, he said that he had also been recently doing an intense study of this same book.  Job refreshed my soul and also prayed with me on the phone as I drove home.


Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM, Peter Horn and David Sheppard came over to our house to pray me and my family.  They offered up some powerful, uplifting, and ultimately prophetic prayers that God would not only lift me and my family up through this and carry us, but that He would also use this situation and illness to allow me to minister to many people around me, both patients and hospital staff.  In hind sight, this prayer was clearly spirit-lead and very prophetic.



Thursday, April 09, 2009



David Sheppard picked me up from my house at 4:00 AM and drove me to Dallas for a 7:30 AM CT scan and 9:30 AM appointment with my neurosurgeon Dr Bruce Mickey.  We had very good discussions about spiritual warfare and predestination (along with many other things) during the 3-hour drive.  After a short exam, Dr Mickey immediately had me admitted to Zale Lipshy, room 507 for observation, additional scans, and consultation with Ear Nose & Throat specialists.  The doctors considered inserting a drain tube in my back (a spinal tap or a lumbar puncture) that evening, but decided to wait instead.



Friday, April 10, 2009 (Good Friday)


Discharged to return home for the Easter weekend with some heavy doctor's restrictions and an appointment with Dr Kuntz (Ears) for Monday afternoon.



Sunday, April 12, 2009



One of my friends approached me at church and reminded me of the spiritual battle that we had fought in her house with her son (see Advanced Spiritual Warfare).  She reflected on the way her son had changed since that night, thanked me for being obedient to God's call on me, and thanked God for delivering her son from the evil force that tried to control him.  Reflecting back on this discussion with her at church, I now believe this was God sending me a word of encouragement for where he was about to take me (by way of reminding me of where I had already been with Him).



Monday, April 13, 2009



Drove with my entire family to Dallas for this week and stayed with Lynita's mom until Thursday morning when I was admitted to the hospital for surgery.  Continued to progress in my study through the book of Isaiah.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009




Wednesday, April 15, 2009



My mom arrived in Dallas on a flight from the east coast and my sister arrived after driving up from Austin.  I ate my last meal with family (before pre-surgery fast) at Luby's at 6:00 PM.  Attended weekly bible study at our former church (Body of Christ Family Church) in Red Oak, Texas.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



Reported in for ear surgery at 11:30 AM.  David Sheppard once again drove up from Austin and met us (Lynita, my mom, my sister and I) at the hospital admitting lobby where we prayed.  Christopher Walker was my primary receiving nurse who prepared me for surgery, which lasted from 2:30 PM until about 6:00 PM.  I awoke in the 2nd floor surgical recovery ward (ICU overflow) at about 6:30 PM in a bed next to Eric Badowski who had just come out of brain surgery to remove a tumor.  I listened to Eric throughout the night expressing concern to the ICU nurse that we shared (Bethany) about his post-surgical symptoms dizziness, numbness.  There in recovery, I felt led to seek out Eric and to talk to him to offer encouragement.  I contemplated and looked forward throughout the night to speaking with Eric at some point and noted his inpatient hospital room assignment (529) when they were discussed by the nurses and techs.  On my own surgery, I noted during the night that my nose was still dripping what appeared to be the same fluid.  Although I was not discouraged, I thought of how I could encourage and reassure Dr Kuntz, who had just performed my surgery.

Friday, April 17, 2009



I was moved from the ICU up to my inpatient room (502) around noon.  Got up out of bed later that afternoon to walk around the 5th floor (with my I.V. pole) and see where room 529 was and verify the name on the door.  I found it and Eric's door was mostly closed that first day.

I set up my iPod and speaker to play J. Vernon McGee's Through the Bible study of the book of Isaiah and had that playing continuously in my room.

Saturday, April 18, 2009



Finally met Eric Badowski and his wife personally when their door was open and went in to introduce myself and told him that I was in the bed next to him in recovery (he also remembered hearing of me with my CSF leak that night).  I began to reassure Eric about his concerns over his post surgical symptoms and told him that I had been where he was before and could assure him that it would get better, offering myself as a living example.  I then began to share my testimony of how God carried me through a brain tumor illness and changed my life forever 2 years ago.  As I was giving my testimony, Eric stopped me and said "you're that guy from Parkland aren't you?  I read your web site a month ago."  At that moment, Eric, his wife and I all knew that it was no accident that we came out of surgery at nearly the same time and had adjoining beds in recovery. 


I also met my neighbor on the 5th floor, Harold Murray and his family (in 503) on this day.  Harold had also recently had brain surgery to remove a tumor and I offered them encouragement and also shared my testimony.  Harold's family believed in the power of prayer and we began to pray for each other.

By now, I found myself walking around the fifth floor ward, looking for patients who were out or accessible and asking them about their surgery and concerns.  I noticed a patient walking around the floor wearing a neck-head halo and upon passing, asked him how he was doing.  His response was very short and negative about having to wear the halo as he continued to walk past me.  This made me think that I must go find this man and spend some time alone with him.  I noted what room he went into and then waited for an opportune time to minister to him. 

That evening one of the nurses had noticed my efforts and mentioned to me that our corner of the floor seemed to be "prayer row" and suggested that I visit the family in room 504.  There seemed to always be lots of activity around that room with lots of family members and medical personnel.


Lynita, the boys, my mom, sister, and her daughter spent most of the afternoon and evening visiting me and hanging out in the family lounge.  That evening while chatting in my room, we heard a woman (apparently a patient) from down the hall yelling and crying out in what seemed like incoherence.  Later I asked my nurse about it and she said that it was a patient that was out of it mentally and required almost constant attention.

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Lynita and I decided that it would be best for her to take the boys back to Austin this week to not miss another week of school (they had been here in Dallas all of last week after we coordinated their absence with their teachers).  So, they set off driving back to Austin late this morning with a plan to come back the next weekend when we could possibly all drive back together.  Also, after a brief visit with me this morning in my room, my sister (Connie), her daughter (Jameera), and my mom (Helen) left to drive back to Austin.  I watched on my laptop the live web broadcast of the Sunday morning service from my former church (Body of Christ Family Church) this morning.


In the afternoon, I walked around the ward and noticed a tall elderly man in a suit standing in the room next to me (501) as an elderly female patient lay in the bed.  I asked him what surgery she had performed and he told me that she didn't make it to surgery, but had "crashed" before they could do surgery.  The woman was lying on the bed somewhat subdued and unresponsive.  So I excused myself and continued to walk around to meet other patients.  I met another patient who was walking the halls with his wife (the nurses encouraged the patients to get up and walk as soon as they could).  His name was Richard and he later told me that he was a DEA agent.  He had just had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his abdomen.  During the rest of the week, I met with Richard several times, sharing my testimony and offering encouragement.  On the day of my discharge, Richard (with his wife) was one of the last patients I saw and we embraced each other and promised to pray for each other.


Visited by Gerald & Shetece McCleoud in the afternoon.  Last year I had responded to a calling of the Holy Spirit and Lynita and I participated in some intensive spiritual warfare to fight off a demonic attack on their marriage and to encourage and equip them.  During the height of the conflict, there were moments when they both felt that there was no solution and it was hopeless.  But we continued to pray and encourage.  When they both came to see me, a strong healed family with their three little boys, it once again was an affirmation to me from God and a reminder to remember where He had taken me and that all things were possible through Him.  Gerald and Shatece reminded me of what they had been through and thanked me for being a long distance spiritual warrior for them.  They are very active in music ministry and helped me learn some of the foundations of singing as part of a choir.  I told them about what God had done in us in our new church home and how He had taken us to a completely new type of music than we were ever accustomed to (this made them excited).  At the end of our visit, they each prayed the most wonderful prayer over me and offered prophetic words about what God was going to do through us long term.  Once again, refreshing my soul.


Later Pastor Billy Grate from our former church stopped by and also prayed with me. 

The Holy Spirit had been working on me most of that day, getting me to pray for the patient in room 504.  As I walked by the room, I noted that the name on the door was Ayers and there almost always seemed to be medical staff in there because something was almost always going on.  Mr. Ayers was always in his bed and never left his room.  That evening, I went down to the family visiting lounge and met Vickie Bacon (who I recognized as one of the Ayers family).  She was alone in the lounge and I introduced myself to her and told her that I had been praying for Mr. Ayers but wanted to know if she could tell me more about his condition so that I could be more specific with my prayers.  Vickie was excited that I was praying for them and eagerly told me everything about the situation.  The patient in 504 was her brother.  David Ayers had undergone surgery to remove some of his abdominal organs because of abdominal cancer.  He was still in quite a bit of pain and had accidentally self-administered too much morphine (they had him on a device where he could self-administer to control his pain).  At one point he had become unresponsive. 


David's dad, Bernie Ayers came into the room and Vickie introduced me to him and said that I had been praying for David.  Bernie, who was 87 years old, told me more about what was going on and shared that he, like David and David's son were preachers (three generations).  He then invited me to come into David's room and meet him.  When we went into the room, Bernie introduced me to David and told him that I had been praying for him.  David took my hand and thanked me and then Bernie asked me to say a special prayer over David there in the room.  I thanked God for always being in control and sovereign on His throne, for always knowing what's best for us and how much we, His children, can bear.  I prayed for His healing hand to lift up and carry this my brother, and regardless of the outcome, for His Holy Spirit to lift him and his family up as a comforter with reassurance that no matter what happens, as a child of God, David was in a good place.  I shared with David my outlook about how he was in a no-lose situation... what we would consider the worst outcome would mean "absent from the body is present with the LORD" and if that was the case, I truly would envy him.

This evening and into the night, I went back to my room and prayed earnestly for David... for his comfort and healing.

Monday, April 20, 2009



In the morning I was wheeled to the Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) clinic for a 10:30 appointment with Dr Kempler (nose specialist).  While in the clinic lounge waiting for my hospital transport person to come and wheel me back to my room (about an hour), I met several other patients who were seeing Dr Kempler for various nasal problems.  I shared my testimony with each of them, asking what challenge brought them here and encouraging them that our God who created the universe was in control.  In particular, spoke with David Bryan who went in for his appointment and came back out to talk more.  David showed the scars of major cranial surgery and shared that he had been in a bad motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet.  David and I both agreed that we were here everyday for a purpose that was not ours but was determined by God.


This afternoon after returning to my room, I spent some more time visiting with David Ayers' family in the family lounge.  I got to meet and speak with his son Todd, who had just arrived from Oklahoma and was also a preacher.  I shared my health situation and testimony with him and told him of how the Holy Spirit has prompted me to reach out to his family and others there on the ward.


On this evening, David's parents (Bernie and Alta) and Vickie stopped by my room to let me know that David had taken a turn for the worse and had been taken for more CT scans of his abdomen.  The doctors found that his liver was now very much enflamed (even though it was not a week ago when they performed surgery) and they were evaluating their next steps.  They asked me to continue to pray and I assured them that I would.  I also assured them that God was in control and that the most important thing for us to do is to seek His will.  I referenced Jesus' sermon on the mount and His beatitudes when He said "blessed are they that mourn, for they will be comforted."  I encouraged them all to keep their trust in God during this situation and He will send them a comforter.  Alta made a comment to me that maybe this was an opportunity for them to show that they truly believed everything that they had been living and teaching.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



I was visited in my room this morning by Bernie and Vickie to let me know that David had been transferred from his room on the 5th floor to the ICU.  They said that the doctors told them that they had found the cancer to be very aggressive and it had spread through his liver and into his spine.

This afternoon I was visited by Fred & Tamara Thomas, friends from our last church (Body of Christ Family Church).  We talked about all that was going on and before they left, we stood in a close circle for a tearful prayer which greatly encouraged me and refreshed my soul.  They encouraged me to keep God's word or worship music playing in my room.  From this point until Saturday evening, I started to play a random selection of the contemporary worship songs that we sing at Hill Country Bible Church in Leander and played them at all times day and night.


Shortly after Fred and Tamara departed at around 3:00 PM, Dr Mike Lewis (neurology) came to my room to perform the lumbar puncture (spinal tap) in my lower back, a moderately painful and uncomfortable procedure (this is not an exaggeration).  From this point until the day before my discharge, I will be permanently attached to my I.V. pole where the tube goes from my back to the bag that collects my spinal fluid. 

After the procedure was complete, I ate a late lunch (which had been delivered earlier) and went to the nurses station to ask permission/notify them that I was going down to the 2nd floor to the ICU.  I had been longing during the day to go and visit with the Ayers family who was no doubt now waiting in the ICU family area.  There I met with Vickie, Bernie, Alta and David's wife Helen and told them that I continued to pray for them and offered them hugs, comfort, and reassurance from God's word that He was in control.  They also asked how I was doing and promised to pray for me and my upcoming surgery.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



My mother-in-law, Carolyn Washington, came to my room early this morning to go with me as they took me down to prepare for surgery.  Nasal surgery 8:30 AM.  I was back in my room around noon and my father-in-law, Jessie, was there and stayed with me throughout the afternoon. My contemporary gospel music had been playing in my room even while I was in surgery.  At 4:00 PM the nurses began the first of the CSF draining events from the tube in my back.  The nurse came in and performed the draining every four hours around the clock (at 4, 8, and 12 AM & PM).  I had to lay flat during these 15-minute procedures and stay flat for at least 30 minutes afterwards to allow the fluid around my brain to stabilize and avoid getting a "spinal headache."

Later this evening, one of the nursing techs (Cassandra) came into my room to take my readings (blood pressure and glucose levels).  She told me that the Ayers family had a lot of good things to say to the nursing staff about what I was doing for them.  I thanked her for delivering that message.  She then paused and told me that God had told her that I was there for a reason and was only going to be there for a season.  Earlier, another nurse had shared with me that when David had taken a turn for the worse and had to be transferred down to the ICU, his  family was asked if they wanted to have the hospital chaplain paged and they responded that they wanted to see me.


This night, while praying for David, I was given a pretty detailed vision of a message that I should deliver personally to David at his bedside.  In this message, I saw that I should go and pray a simple prayer over him, lifting my hands and lifting up my eyes to heaven and saying "Father, behold my brother, behold your son."  I was then to place my hands on David's forehead and torso with a comforting touch.  I saw this message during the night and it was very clear to me what I was supposed to do.

Thursday, April 23, 2009



In the afternoon, I went to the nurse’s station and asked if I could go to the ICU on the 2nd floor.  When I arrived, I first saw Bernie sitting in the waiting area exhausted.  We chatted for a little bit before his wife Alta and Vickie came out of the ICU from visiting with David.  They said that the nurses were changing David's dressings and he preferred for them to leave while they did.  They told me that the doctors had said that it did not look good and that this was a very aggressive cancer.  I told them that I had been praying through much of the night and had been given a special prayer for David.  They eagerly said that we would go back to see David as soon as the nurses were done.  As I chatted about these things with Alta and Vickie, I looked over at Bernie and he had drifted into a light sleep, exhausted sitting in that chair.  I gently touched his arm and whispered to him to rest.  At that, Alta, Vickie and I went back into the ICU and surrounded David's bed where I delivered the message just as I had seen it.  At the end of the message I leaned over David and gave him a good embrace.

Met Jackie, a student nurse.


On this evening, there were two student nurses who were helping on the ward. One of them, Jackie Langham came into my room to take my blood glucose reading and commented that she liked the music that was playing and recognized it because she and her husband also were praise leaders.  After about five failed attempts, she could not get the device that pricks my finger for blood to fire.  After getting a little frustrated, she stated "I think God wants me to stay and talk to you."  So we spent some time sharing our testimonies and experiences with God.  One specific area that we explored that was common in both our lives was a history of being in church and not having your life transformed.  I told her of how God grabbed me two years earlier in 2007 to get my attention and she shared with me how he had done the same with her and her husband.  What I remember most about this evening was the thick and heavy feeling of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my room.  The other student nurse who was helping Jackie commented on how she felt that presence as well.

Friday, April 24, 2009



On Friday afternoon, I went out to walk around the floor and went into the family lounge and found the man with the neck-head halo sitting quietly alone with his eyes closed.  I entered and sat quietly across from him and after a few minutes, he opened his eyes and noticed me sitting there and said hello.  We started to talk and I told him that I had been looking to talk with him since we first me in the hall earlier that week.  I learned that his name was James Peacock and that he was suffering from a broken neck.  He had been a little discouraged because he had to wear the halo and the long term prognosis for his recovery.  I offered to him that he was truly fortunate because many people do not survive the injury that he sustained.  We talked for about an hour and found that we had a lot of things in common, including a military background, we were both stationed in Panama on ground at the same time back in 1989 during the U.S. invasion.  As we finished our conversation, James said that he would stop by my room later that evening to visit and talk some more.


During the day, I started to develop light head aches and sensitivity to bright light (probably as a result of the periodic CSF draining).  I eventually asked the nurse to close the shade on my room window (to block out the bright sunshine outside).

My wife, mother, and sons arrived around 4:00 PM from their drive up to Dallas from Austin and came to visit in my room.  While they were visiting, Bernie, Alta, and Vickie also came by to visit.  Alta had asked earlier in the week when my family would be back so that they could meet them.  The told me that the doctors had decided that they had done all they could do for David and would eventually discharge him to go home for hospice.  They let me know that David had been moved from ICU up to a room on the 7th floor.


This evening around 8:30 after my CSF drain procedure, James Peacock came by my room as he had said he would and came in to sit down for a visit.  (When he came in, I was laying in bed trying to fight off a little bit of a head ache).  Our conversation came around to spiritual beliefs and he told me a lot about his.  He seemed to believe that a spiritual realm existed but he had somewhat of a post modern spin.  For instance, he seemed to imply that he controlled his own destiny.  He told me about his wife having a power to "read" people (as in some type of psychic ability).  I listened patiently as he described all of this to me.  And then I told him that I needed to tell him about my beliefs based on tangible things that I have felt and experienced.  I then proceeded to give him a most detailed and intimate testimony of what happened with me 2 years ago and how it was unmistakable that it was the hand of God guiding me away from a path that would have lead to my destruction.  At the end of the conversation, James said that he did believe that the power of God had saved me and had brought us both together in this hospital so that we could see how much we do have in common. 


Later after we were discharged from the hospital, he sent me an email after he had a chance to read through my web site and asked me to help tell his story as well.

Friday night after the midnight CSF draining, I developed severe head and eye aches and notified the nurse.  She insisted on giving me morphine injections to try to control the pain but even the morphine had little effect.  I spent most of this night in pain.

Saturday, April 25, 2009



My mom and Lynita came by my room at around 9:00 AM on their way to the airport (my mom's flight going home was at 11:30 AM from Dallas Love field which was very close to the hospital).  I was still fighting off the head ache.

Later on this day, the Holy Spirit lead me into somewhat of a quiet place (a cocoon so to speak) in which I was to get rid of all distractions and just spend time with Him.  At this point I turned off the iPod (no podcast word messages or music for the first time) to just have silence in the room.  I closed the laptop computer and just disconnected and spent the next day or so just being alone in silence with God.

Sunday, April 26, 2009



At 4:00 AM the nurse came in to tell me that they were going to do the final CSF draining and that the doctor would be in at sometime this morning to remove the tube from my back.  Dr Mike Lewis came in at around 8:30 AM and removed the lumbar puncture.  He had to come back and apply a couple of stitches because initially CSF drops continued to leak from the site of the puncture.

After the removal of the tube, I stayed in bed napping most of the day with complete silence in the room and the lights low.  Neither did I receive any visitors on this day.


Later that night at around 10:30, my door was open (as it usually was) and I heard the same voice of a woman yelling out that we had heard earlier in the week.  As I lay there, the Holy Spirit began to tell me that I knew what that cry was because I had heard something like it before.  He told me that was the cry of a soul being tormented and that I had the power to do something about it.  He led me to get up from my bed (for the first time that day) and go out into the hallway.  I found that the voice was coming from the elderly lady in the room next door (501, the same lady whose husband I had spoken with earlier in the week).  Discernment told me that it would probably not be a good idea to go into this woman's room alone at almost 11:00 at night to pray for her.  So I sought guidance and was led to pray a forceful prayer outside of her room in the hall.  Much as I had done before in spiritual warfare, I used the power in the name of Jesus and commanded the demon that was tormenting her to leave this place.  After this prayer, I was led to go to her door and simply touch her name plate before returning to my room.  Once back in my room, I continued to pray for cleansing and sealing of this place.

Monday, April 27, 2009



This was the day of my discharge from the hospital.  As this date drew closer, I saw it coming and knew that it represented a very special day and that God knew I would recognize it for its significance.  This date of my discharge was exactly 2 years to the day from the date of my initial brain tumor diagnosis and admittance at Parkland for brain surgery... one day representing a beginning and the other a conclusion.  As the doctors talked about this date as a possible timeframe for my discharge, this was something that rang loudly in my mind.


After I changed out of my hospital gown and into my street clothes to prepare for discharge, I went out into the hall and walked by room 501, noticing the door was open and the tall elderly man was there again with his wife.  I went in and introduced myself to him again as the patient next door.  I told him that I had been up late the night before praying for his wife and asked him for her name.  He said her name was Marilyn.  She was awake and responsive and I went to her bedside and took her hand and told her that I had prayed for her the previous night, that the God of the universe was with her, and that everything was going to be alright.  I gave her husband one of my cards and asked him to call me if they needed anything.


Next I went up to the 7th floor to see David and his family before I left the hospital.  I walked all around the floor looking for a room with Ayers on the nameplate and did not find one.  I stopped by the nursing station and told them that I was looking for a fellow patient, David Ayers.  They told me that he was no longer a patient in the hospital so I thought they must have discharged him during the weekend when I was in my cocoon.


Lynita and the boys arrived to pick me up at around noon and we drove back to Austin.


A few days after we arrived at home, I received an email from Vickie Bacon letting me know that David had died in his room on the 7th floor of the hospital on Sunday morning, April 26 at about 10:00 AM.  They had wanted to come and visit me before leaving, but David's wife Helen was under a lot of stress and just wanted to leave the hospital right away.  My initial reaction was one of shock and of hurt... for deep down inside, I had become very attached to this family and truly thought that God was going to heal David and bring him back from what seemed hopeless.  I already had it in my mind that one day we would have a reunion with David and the rest of the Ayers family to reflect back on this experience.  As I was reading this email and having these thoughts, God put it in my spirit that indeed we would have a reunion with David just as I thought and that we would look back on this... just not here in this world.


Also, with some of the subsequent things that Vickie shared with me about David's last hours during that night in the hospital (she was with him constantly that last night and into the morning), it is clear to me that he was very much aware at the end of what was happening, could see Jesus and the angels, was already singing praises, and was ready to go to the other side.  She said that after the funeral was done, she was telling her parents what I had said to her about feeling like I was sent to the hospital for them and they said "we truly believe God put you there at that time."



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